The Mission To Rome Begins

As the meeting progressed, the Holy Spirit helped Paul perceive that the religious leaders in attendance were from two different Jewish denominations (305).  Some were Sadducees, who did not believe in resurrection from death; others were Pharisees, who did believe in resurrection from death.

So Paul said, “Men & brothers, I am a Pharisee, as was my father before me.  Is it concerning our hope of resurrection from death that I am being judged?”

Predictably, the Pharisees & Sadducees fell into a huge argument about this.  Some Pharisees actually began to take Paul’s side!  “We find no evil in this man.  If a spirit or an angel from God has spoken to him, we must not fight against God,” they said.

This only caused the dissension to increase, to the point that the Roman commander was worried that the two sides might tear Paul to pieces.  So he had his soldiers remove Paul from the meeting & bring him inside the barracks.


That night, Jesus stood with Paul & said, “This is all good.  As you have testified of me here in Jerusalem, you will also testify of me in Rome.”


Then God began to accomplish this purpose in an peculiar way: On the next day, over 40 of the unbelieving Jews swore to kill Paul, saying they wouldn’t eat or drink until the deed was done!

The plotters appealed to their chief priests & elders: “Ask the Roman commander for permission to question Paul again tomorrow.  We will kill him as soon as he comes out of their barracks!”

God, please help me to love trusting You in peculiar circumstances.

(305) Acts 23:6-15