Paul Accused Before The Roman Governor

That night, God continued working out His plan to send Paul to Rome.  Roman foot-soldiers & horsemen took Paul to Antipatris, about half-way between Jerusalem & Caesarea (307).  The next day, the horsemen took Paul the rest of the way, while the foot-soldiers returned to Jerusalem.


Arriving in Caesarea, they presented Paul to the governor, along with the letter from their commander.  When the governor had read the letter, he said, “I will hear you when your accusers get here.” And he commanded Paul to be confined until the hearing.

Five days later, Ananias, the Jewish high priest, arrived in Caesarea from Jerusalem.  In order to present a strong case against Paul, Ananias brought with him several other Jewish elders & a spokesman named Tertullus.

When the governor convened the hearing, Tertullus began his accusation by acknowledging Felix’s authority, and then he got right down to it:  “This man, Paul, is a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes, who creates dissension among Jews throughout the world.  He even tried to profane our temple, so we seized him in order to judge him according to the law of our religion.


“But the Roman commander in Jerusalem intervened, sent Paul to you & commanded us to submit the matter for your judgment.  When you examine Paul, you will see that all our accusations against him are well-founded.”

The ensuing testimony of the Jewish elders laid out in detail their accusations against Paul.

God, please help me to love offering all my trials to You.

(307) Acts 23:31-24:9