Paul’s Defense Before The Roman Governor

Strengthened by the Holy Spirit, Paul made his defense before Felix, the Roman governor of the territory including Israel, at his headquarters in Caesarea (308).

“In fact, I went to Jerusalem to worship 12 days ago, and to bring offerings to my impoverished Jewish brothers & sisters there.

“In fact, some Jews from Turkey did find me in the temple at Jerusalem; regrettably, they are not here to accuse me face-to-face.

“In fact, those Jews found me complying with our religious law; they never found me disputing with anyone or inciting any mob — either in the temple or in the synagogues or anywhere else in the city.  Unless they refer to this one question I asked before them: ‘Am I being judged concerning the resurrection of the dead?’


“The bottom line is that those who are here to accuse me simply have no proof of their accusations. But this I do confess to you:  I do believe all things written in our inspired scriptures, and I do worship God according to the way marked out by his son Jesus.  Because I believe that God will judge the living & the dead, I seek to live always with a clear conscience toward God & men.”

Felix, the Roman governor, had prior knowledge of the Christian way of life, and of the resistance to it by unbelieving Jews.  After hearing the testimony of the two sides, Felix adjourned the proceedings, saying, “When Commander Lysias comes from Jerusalem, I will make a decision in your case.”

Felix commanded that Paul be kept in minimum custody, and that his friends be permitted to visit him & provide for him.


Paul would remain in custody in Caesarea for the next two years!

God, please help me to love being imprisoned for You.

(308) Acts 24:10-23

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