Always Be Ready


Jesus then taught his students the importance of readiness (150):  Always stay focused on God; always be ready to serve God.

God is like a master who comes home from a wedding & finds his servants ready & waiting to serve him, even if he doesn’t return until after midnight.


In fact, God is so pleased with such faithful servants that he will actually serve them!  God will bless such faithful servants in ways that will make them happy beyond measure.

Keep this in mind, though.  If a homeowner knew that a thief planned to break into his home at a specific time, that homeowner would definitely be home at that time, ready to prevent the break-in.  He would not let the thief break into his house.

However, God’s timing is not predictable like that.  You must always be ready to meet God, because I will return to you at a time when you’re not expecting me.

Peter asked Jesus: “Master, is this teaching for everyone, or just for us?”  Jesus applied his teaching — both to his chosen witnesses and to all his followers – with this illustration:

A master sometimes needs to set a manager over his household.  If the manager carries out his responsibilities effectively & efficiently, the master will reward him & promote him to greater responsibility.


But if the manager neglects his responsibilities & abuses his position of authority, the master will punish him severely.

The bottom line is this: the more God allows you to do in his service, the more God will expect you to do in his service.


LORD, please help us to love serving You.

(150) Luke 12:35-48