The End Of Time

Finally, John the Witness is shown the end of the world in a rapid-fire sequence of scenes (346).

  • Jesus returns to the earth with his church and wins an instant & total victory over the forces of evil.
  • Satan is bound for a thousand years, during which time Jesus restores & rules the earth.
  • Satan is then unbound briefly. His inevitable attack against Jesus results in his inevitable defeat; Satan’s forces are totally crushed & he is consigned permanently to hell.
  • All people are judged by God. Those who submitted to Jesus are taken to heaven; those who rejected Jesus are also consigned permanently to hell.

Judgement right left 2

The revelation concludes with encouraging images of God’s heavenly glory.  In Genesis, the first book of the inspired Jewish scriptures, we get a glimpse of God’s created children living with him in an earthly paradise.  At the end of Revelation, we get similar glimpses of God’s faithful children, living with him in a heavenly paradise, beyond the ravages of time.


At the conclusion of the revelation, John is given several important commands by Jesus:

  • We are to worship God, not men. (Nothing good comes from worshiping men, as the prior revelations have made clear.)
  • God’s people are to rely on God’s Holy Spirit to serve Jesus; that service involves showing & telling other people what Jesus does for us and what Jesus expects us to do for him.
  • We are exhorted to trust the inspired scriptures for understanding the end to come — not adding to them or taking away from them. (The Bible may not contain everything there is to know about God, but those things it does contain are things we need to know about God.)
  • In this regard, we are encouraged to expect that Jesus may come back at any time, to begin the end described in these revelations. As Jesus taught his chosen witnesses, it’s absolutely important always to be ready for his return.

God, please help me to love Showing & Telling people about You.

(346) Revelation 19-22

The Beginning & The End

In the beginning, the inspired scriptures tell us, God created everything, from nothing (2).

CreationLaura Sotka 2008

In the beginning, our first parents, Adam & Eve, knew only good.  But when they took a bite of the apple, in disobedience to God, they also began to know evil.  As part of their punishment for disobedience, God said they would experience many trials in their lives & would be opposed constantly by Satan.   Because Satan had influenced this turn of events, God said he, too, would experience consequences — ultimately to include being crushed by a descendant of Adam & Eve, whom we know as Jesus.

About 65 years after Jesus left the earth, a close friend of his was inspired by the Holy Spirit to see that the end is much like the beginning (3).  That is, many of the perfections of the Garden of Eden, at the beginning of Genesis, are restored & taken to new heights in the new heaven & the new earth, at the end of Revelation.


But the situation of Jesus’ followers immediately after Pentecost was far from perfect. Instead, persecution was the order of the day for most Christians, at the time when his close friend recorded the revelations given to him by Jesus.

So many early Christians wondered: How can the world ultimately become peaceful rather than chaotic? What can cause such pervasive change?

According to that same close friend, only Jesus is the answer to those questions.


(2) Genesis 1-3

(3) Revelation 21-22