The Beginning And The End

In the beginning, the inspired scriptures tell us, God created everything, from nothing (2).  In the beginning, in the Garden of Eden, our first parents, Adam & Eve, knew only good.

But when they took a bite of the apple, in disobedience to God, they also began to know evil.  As part of their punishment for disobedience, God said they would experience many trials in their lives & would be opposed constantly by Satan.   Because Satan had influenced this turn of events, God said he, too, would experience consequences — ultimately to include being crushed by a descendant of Adam & Eve, whom we know as Jesus.

Centuries later, about 65 years after Jesus left the earth to return to heaven, a close friend of his was inspired by the Holy Spirit to see that the end of time will be much like the beginning of time (3).  That is, many of the perfections of the Garden of Eden, described at the beginning of the inspired Jewish scriptures, will be restored & taken to new heights in the new heaven & the new earth, described at the end of the inspired Christian scriptures.

The inspired Jewish scriptures provide the background for understanding God’s plan to rescue humanity from the self-inflicted wounds of sin.  The story of God’s chosen people — from the first book of Genesis to the last book of Malachi — leads ultimately to Jesus.

Sovereign God, please help me to love finding Jesus.

(2) Genesis 1-3

(3) Revelation 21-22